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Beacon Trust
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Wealth. It's Different for Everyone.

We don’t have just one approach. Because we don’t have just one client. Our style of wealth management is flexible. Deliberately.

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Investment Management

We have a talented team of portfolio managers and investment strategists to guide our clients through changing market conditions.

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“Quarterly Market Update & Thoughts On AI” webinar featuring Chief Investment Officer., John Longo, PhD, CFA, Head of Investment Strategy, Brian McGann, CFA, and Lead of Investment Strategy, Charles Pawlik, CFA, CFP®.

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Why Beacon Trust?

When it comes to preserving and growing your wealth, you need an experienced team to work with you through every financial phase of life.  

Our Team

We do things differently. We focus on
building a holistic, innovative strategy for your financial future. We pair that with our experienced, talented team, whose expertise covers everything from research to portfolio management, from planning to tax and client service. Then, with a sound understanding and an integrated approach, we all work together toward one goal: delivering wealth strategies designed to fit your life, and no one else’s.

Meet Our Team

Insights & Resources

Insights & Resources

When it comes to preserving and growing your wealth, you need an experienced firm to work with you through every financial phase of life, clearly understanding your goals today and tomorrow. No matter what phase you happen to be in, Beacon Trust has the knowledge, experience and services to innovate your wealth strategy.

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Weekly Investment Insight 7.22.24

Last week was light on economic releases, but certainly not short on news flow.

First Half S&P 500 Index Divergence

The divergence between the equal weight S&P 500 Index and the traditionally reported market-cap weighted S&P 500 Index (composite) often reveals critical insights into the underlying market dynamics (breadth) and investor behavior.

Market Outlook 2Q Review 2024

The S&P 500 reached an all-time high during the second quarter of 2024, although performance was more subdued across most other stock and bond indexes.