Accelerated Return Strategy (ARS)

Accelerated Return Strategy (ARS) is a long/short equity strategy that seeks capital appreciation and alpha generation under certain environments with similar volatility to the broader U.S. large cap equity market by following a disciplined and systematic investment process.

The returns generated by the strategy are derived from two distinct elements; returns from directional market movements and returns from option premium or income.

A Complement to Your Existing Equity Allocation



  • Designed to produce mid teen to high twenty percent range in rising markets with positive alpha in most markets.


  • Losses will be no worse than S&P 500.


  • Can produce positive returns on account of systematic monthly rolling nature which takes advantage of changing market conditions.
Portfolio Construction
Return Drivers
  • Market Exposure with Return Enhancement
  • Deep in the Money Call Option
  • At the Money Call Option


  • Option Premium Collection
  • Short Call Option
Role of ARS in Portfolio Construction
  • Express investors’ more positive view on the market without any increase in risk or volatility over owning the S&P 500.
  • Portfolio diversifier, improve overall alpha generation of portfolio in most markets.
  • Provide greater liquidity with full holding transparency, no lock-up period and low fees relative to hedge funds and other alternative investments.
  • Achieve better balance of overall risk and return, and improve upside/downside capture.
Risk Control Elements
  • Time Series Diversification.
  • Investment diversified across monthly maturities.
  • Eliminates “whipsaw effect” in choppy markets.
  • No Credit or Counter Party Risk
  • Every security is listed and traded publicly.
  • No Leverage.
  • No borrowing.
  • Liquidity and Transparency.
  • All investments are exchange-traded and are priced daily.
  • All investments have daily liquidity.


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