Beacon Indexes (BI) has honed its rigorously analytical development process based on the best practices of analysts and researchers.

Phase 1 - Exploratory

  •     Generate new index concepts
  •     Refine to short list
  •     Rapidly assess investment viability
  •     Presentation to partners
  •     Selection of indexes for development

Phase 2 - Development
  •     Quantitative approach to index construction (using some concentration)
  •     Algorithmic programming of stock selection
  •     Quantitative approach to stress and back testing
  •     Algorithmic systems for index re-balancing
  •     Complete documentation
  •     Presentation

Phase 3 – Launch and maintenance
  •     Publishing
  •     Programmatic approach to index monitoring
  •     Reports and communication
  •     Algorithmic approach to re-balancing

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