Fixed Income Managed Accounts

Beacon Trust’s experienced fixed income managers invest individual client portfolios using direct ownership of bonds and other fixed income securities in an individual account, allowing for customized restrictions and tax management. Our philosophy in trading fixed income for our clients is to avoid risk at all costs, finding safety in big names with high credit quality.

Taxable Fixed Income: seeks to deliver a high proportion of the return and yield of the broad bond market with reduced risk and volatility. The process emphasizes liquidity, principal preservation, income stability and portfolio diversification. We favor large companies with high credit quality (always investment grade) and dependable cash flow generation. We may also buy CDs with the greatest spread to comparable Treasury.

Tax Exempt Fixed Income: features a bottom up, value-oriented approach focused on the preservation of principal and current income. We seek to minimize risk and maximize liquidity by emphasizing diversification, high quality and maturity selection appropriate to our interest rate outlook. Customization is essential, as we consider our client’s state of residence, tax bracket, state tax rates and availability of securities and pricing. We also look for high credit quality, typically general obligations, essential service, and a maturity profile of 4-7 years to call. State backing is also a plus.

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