Estate Settlement

Nothing is more important than your family’s well being. At Beacon Trust, we understand that your ultimate priority is ensuring personal safety and financial security of your loved ones after your passing. During such a stressful and emotionally taxing time, they shouldn’t have to worry about the legal and financial complexities of your affairs. That’s where we come in. With professionalism, impartiality and tact, we will settle your estate, relieving your family of the burden of the tax, investment, accounting and administrative responsibilities of implementing your estate plan.

Beacon Trust: A Trusted Executor

As executor of your estate, we will administer your affairs with judiciousness and skill, giving your family the time and peace they need to mourn. Our expert estate services include: 

  • Collecting and valuing estate assets
  • Safeguarding assets
  • Settling claims and impartially resolving disputes
  • Working with your attorney to file estate and inheritance tax returns
  • Distributing your assets to heirs and trustees
  • Valuing and managing closely held business interests
  • Managing investments
  • Facilitating tax preparation  
  • Reducing taxes through advantageous posthumous tax planning
  • Dealing with taxing authorities
  • Accounting and estate administration
  • Making objective decisions  

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Settling your estate is a complicated and arduous process, but your family doesn’t have to go it alone. Beacon Trust offers a full range of estate services that you can rely on to handle the details. With a collaborative approach and hub-and-spoke team model, our estate administrators serve your needs with skill, experience, insight and understanding. To learn more, please explore our website. To enlist our estate services, contact us today.   

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