A Better Client Experience

Beacon Trust delivers high touch, personalized service–it’s part of our DNA. We make a point of knowing our clients well and communicating with them on a regular basis throughout the year. Each client has a financial “quarterback,” an advisor with an average of more than two decades of experience who coordinates all of the client’s wealth management needs. A high professional-to-client ratio enables our teams to devote the time needed to truly get to know, understand and properly serve each client. We also pride ourselves on our responsiveness to our clients’ needs. Every inquiry receives a prompt response from a Beacon Trust team member – a wealth advisor, portfolio manager, wealth strategist, tax accountant, trust officer or account operations specialist.

Some of the following representative case histories underscore the quality of the Beacon Trust client experience:

Executive Compensation Planning 

A senior pharmaceutical executive we had been working with for many years was planning to retire. Over the years, we had advised him of the value of holding on to his executive stock options to benefit from leverage on his company’s growing stock. Once he retired and was forced to exercise his shares during a finite term, we helped him develop an exercise strategy that would minimize the risk of volatility in the stock’s price. We also incorporated into our recommendations the goal of minimizing taxes, including the alternative minimum tax, across multiple tax years.

By following our recommended strategies and tax-saving tactics, the executive felt assured that he had maximized the value of his options and the reward he received for his many years of hard work.

Family Governance

We initiated a series of family meetings with a client, his wife and their three adult children. At those meetings, we discussed the history of the patriarch’s wealth creation and his philosophy toward the stewardship of wealth including its preservation and its potential use to benefit others. During the discussion about the patriarch’s charitable philosophy, each child was given responsibility to carry on the family legacy through membership and active participation on the board of the family foundation. Specifics of both the patriarch’s lifetime and testamentary estate plan were explained. We showed the children the approximate level of assets they could expect to receive during the patriarch’s life from various trusts that had been established and the timing of those distributions. We also discussed the approximate amounts and timing of distributions they would receive after his passing.

The meetings brought the family closer together by providing a common goal with respect to the management of the family foundation, and it enabled the children–with knowledge of the amounts they were likely to receive and the timing of the distributions–to better plan their lives. These meetings also relieved the patriarch of the burden of having these often difficult conversations with his children on his own. As the children began to receive their distributions, we also began working with each of them independently and continue to advise them on finances, investments and planning, including the management of their own independently generated wealth.

Tax Planning

When a client was offered restricted stock in a foreign corporation, we advised him to recognize the income upfront before the shares were vested so their appreciation would qualify for long-term capital gain tax rates rather than being subject to ordinary tax rates and payroll taxes. When the foreign corporation was acquired by another foreign corporation in an installment sale, we were able to advise him regarding the complex tax implications, including state income taxes, because he had moved to a different state in the midst of these transactions.

Lifetime Estate Planning

We have implemented a number of sophisticated estate planning techniques for various clients to pass assets from their respective estates while using little or no gift tax exemption. In total, we were able to collectively save our clients considerable amounts in potential gift and estate taxes while allowing them to accomplish their near and long-term wealth transfer goals.

Investment Knowledge 

We were engaged by a professional investor who owned a government securities firm on Wall Street and whose son is a wealth manager in the private banking group of a large multinational bank. When he retired, he chose us to manage his investment portfolio because he was impressed by our out-of-the-box thinking and willingness to develop customized portfolios to address his particular needs and concerns.

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