Acertus Risk Controlled Investing

Acertus is Beacon Trust’s specialty alternative brand.

Through a disciplined process of trading options on market exposure, these long/short or "hedged" equity strategies seek to provide investors with targeted, stable returns based upon a particular market outlook.

The strategies employ directional/enhanced, income and hedge return drivers to control risk, mitigate volatility and seek to deliver superior Sharpe Ratios over a full market cycle.

The Acertus strategies manage both the upside potential and downside risk around a specific index to fit the market outlook, and risk and return boundaries of each investor.

Our goal is to help investors avoid the irrational decision-making traps predicted by the study of behavioral finance by eliminating the temptation to market time or to make hasty, emotionally driven tactical asset allocation adjustments.

Alternative strategies may not be suitable for all investors. We need to determine your emotional risk tolerance, investment goals, and other important factors before recommending suitable strategies.

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