A Methodology to Control Risk

Acertus’s asset management professionals seek to deliver consistent, predictable returns by systematically investing in a series of tranches, each with its own predefined, formulaic risk and return pattern.  Each tranche is a combination of ETFs and/or traded options mathematically engineered with its own unique return pattern and investment period — to define the range of upside returns and downside losses. CBOE FLEX® options are employed to reduce equity risk and enhance upside return without borrowing costs or counterparty risk.        

The use of options and long/short equity strategies involve certain risks which may not be suitable for all investors. We need to determine your risk tolerance, investment goals, and other important factors before recommending suitable strategies.

The Acertus Family of Strategies

Each of the three Acertus long/short strategies is designed to address a specific risk tolerance and market outlook for performance and volatility. Each can be used individually or in combination as a core allocation and can also serve as a complement within an investor’s overall asset allocation. Many of our investors have selected two or more Acertus strategies in various weightings to further customize their risk reward profile.

Employs multiple return drivers to deliver desired risk-adjusted return patterns:

  • Directional/ Return Enhancement.
  • Income.
  • Hedge.

Utilizes combinations of options in a manner designed to:

  • Control Risk.
  • Mitigate Volatility.
  • Deliver superior Sharpe Ratios over a full market cycle.

Employs proprietary time-series investment process that enables us to:

  • Take advantage of volatility.
  • Create multiple entry and exit points throughout the year.
  • Eliminate the effects of market timing.